bar1 W1S1 [ba: US ba:r] n
1¦(place to drink in)¦
2¦(place to buy drink)¦
3 a wine/coffee/snack etc bar
4 a breakfast bar
5¦(block shape)¦
6¦(piece of metal/wood)¦
7 behind bars
9 bar to (doing) something
10 the bar
11 be called to the bar
14¦(pile of sand/stones)¦
[Date: 1100-1200; : Old French; Origin: barre]
a) a place where alcoholic drinks are served
The hotel has a licensed bar .
a cocktail bar
b) BrE one of the rooms inside a pub
The public bar was crowded.
a ↑counter where alcoholic drinks are served
They stood at the bar.
3.) a wine/coffee/snack etc bar
a place where a particular kind of food or drink is served
4.) a breakfast bar
BrE a place in your kitchen at home where you eat breakfast or a quick meal
a small block of solid material that is longer than it is wide
a chocolate bar
a candy bar
bar of
a bar of soap
a length of metal or wood put across a door, window etc to keep it shut or to prevent people going in or out
houses with bars across the windows
7.) behind bars informal
in prison
Her killer was finally put behind bars .
8.) ¦(MUSIC)¦
a group of notes and ↑rests, separated from other groups by vertical lines, into which a line of written music is divided
a few bars of the song
9.) bar to (doing) sth
written something that prevents you from achieving something that you want
I could see no bar to our happiness.
10.) the bar
a) BrE the group of people who are ↑barristers
b) AmE an organization consisting of lawyers
11.) be called to the bar
a) BrE to become a ↑barrister
b) AmE to become a lawyer
12.) a long narrow shape along the sides or at the top of a computer screen, usually containing signs that you can ↑click on
the main menu bar at the top of the screen
the toolbar
13.) the long piece of wood or metal across the top of the goal in sports such as football
The ball sailed over the goalkeeper's head, only to hit the bar.
a long pile of sand or stones under the water at the entrance to a ↑harbour
a narrow band of colour or light
16.) ¦(UNIFORMS)¦
a narrow band of metal or cloth worn on a military uniform to show rank
17.) ¦(HEATER)¦
BrE the part of an electric heater that provides heat and has a red light
bar 2
bar2 past tense and past participle barred present participle barring
v [T]
1.) to officially prevent someone from entering a place or from doing something
bar sb from (doing) sth
They seized his passport and barred him from leaving the country.
2.) to prevent people from going somewhere by placing something in their way
She ran back, but Francis barred her way .
A locked gate barred my entrance to the wood.
3.) also bar up
to shut a door or window using a bar or piece of wood so that people cannot get in or out
bar 3
bar3 prep
1.) except
We had recorded the whole album, bar one track.
2.) bar none
used to emphasize that someone is the best of a particular group
He's the most talented actor in the country, bar none.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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